Aesthetic appearance

With M-EcoDeck you are completely free in choosing design, like width of boards and joints, types of joints and the colour of boards and joints. Teak has an impediment concerning lengths of over five meters. M-EcoDeck has no such impediments. That is why you can also choose for a seamless deck, without traditional joints. It is also possible to make your logo in the deck.

On the photo below, in which a bold colour scheme is used, you can see that there are endless possibilities in colour.

By using several colours, a valuable addition can be made with for instance a helideck, in which design and functionality go hand in hand.

For the interior we also have the right solution with the implementation of a Deco flooring system. In this system, there are various degrees of quality available, each for their own application and purpose. We are glad to advise you about the possibilities for your own project.

For example the PSL Deco soft with EPDM grains.

EcoDeck flooring combined with teak flakes in various colours available.