M-EcoDeck is a division of Marron Jachtbouw. We have a longstanding experience with the making of teak decks. Gradually we discovered the wish and the need for alternative materials for teak in places where teak is not wanted or useful. From that need our product M-EcoDeck arose in cooperation with Herculan Marine. This deck has proved itself safe according to SOLAS and IMO regulations. The decks are non-skid and easy to maintain. During its lifetime it will keep its functions. The costs are minimal and if damaged it is easy to repair.

We can supply M-EcoDeck in sheet form or in mould, according to digital measurements and AutoCAD-drawings. It is produced with the latest CNC-techniques. The prefabricated sections can be fully bonded to the substructure, whether it is aluminium, steel, GRP or mineral based. Because of the high flexibility it can be used almost everywhere. The M-EcoDeck is eco-friendly and is produced with renewed and solvent free resins. After many years of use M-EcoDeck can be easily renewed. At the end of its life cycle M-EcoDeck can be recycled to be used in new products.

Powered by Herculan Marine

All components of M-EcoDeck are developed and produced by Herculan Marine and are constantly subject to strict quality control. Both by internal inspections in the Herculan Marine laboratory as externally by certifying authorities and specialised laboratories. Marron has exclusivity in production of the panels.

Ecologically sound

These days everybody is more and more conscious of the growing need for sustainable materials. M-EcoDeck is a strong, flexible, solvent free, UV-proof and polyurethane resin based flooring system. This prefabricated, viscous-elastic composite material has a stylish and warm effect, has a seamless and durable finish and is suitable for numerous applications, including ship decks. It has a luxurious maritime effect.

M-EcoDeck is:

  • sustainable
  • flexible
  • flame retardant
  • UV-proof
  • recycable
  • easy to maintain
  • machinable like wood
  • ecologically sound
  • algae free
  • non-skid